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Experience The Only Lifestyle That Let’s You Life Live At Your Pace
Becoming a published author is the most tried and tested way to distinguish yourself from all the others out there competing for the same share of the pie. Be A Brand Superstar!
Want To Be Able To Charge More For Your Services And Clients Will Be Happy?
You need to become an expert authority in your field and create a rock solid brand identity that your clients will long to work with!

Want To Be Able To Command A Higher Salary at Your Job And Your Boss Will Be Delighted?
Your knowledge, skills, and ability are excellent in your head but without using a medium to reach thousands more, you are holding yourself back. When your boss, and those higher than your boss recognise your potenital, doors can open.

SUCCESS Is Yours For The Taking
Here’s some of the reasons why you need to start writing your book:

Prove To Yourself And Others You’re A Person Of Stature
There are over 7 billion people in the world. Many of them are able to read and write. Can you guess how many of them are published authors? Not many! They all have some excuse why they cannot do it. By writing your book, you AUTOMATICALLY elevate yourself higher than the average population of wherever in the world you live!

Magnify Your Power to Reach Others And Change Lives
There are tons of people who would love to benefit from your views and insights but they don’t necessarily know of you yet. You’ve got to amplify your voice and your presence with the power of your book. Maybe your life can be an inspiration to another person struggling with problems you have overcome, or maybe you can teach othera a better way to do something. Your book is your magnifier.

Extra Income While Building Hot Leads
Every book sale is extra money in your pocket. Every person that reads your book is a potential loyal fan. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, self-help or favourite recipes, iyour book is building a fan base for you. Every fan is a warm lead and every loyal fan is a hot lead. When done right, your book can build you hot leads while making you money.

Unlock Opportunities In Your Life Not Possible Before
Everyone is walking along a path AND almost every person has on a set of blinders. Perhaps these blinders were created by negative life experiences or perhaps they were created by a series of past failures. However, blinders can come off, don’t you agree? If you know how to remove them, a new VISION for your world is possible, isn’t it? Are you going to remove your blinders or remain blindly stumbling through your life?

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Wonderfully Crafted Course Design
Created to help you do stuff instead of just learning stuff

Online Access To Course Material 24/7
When you work all day and only have time at night, you can log into the course and get your sessions done. Maybe you work shift work and one week, you’re busy and the next week, you’re free. Our course design allows you to work at a pace suitable for you. We know in today’s society, having a flex-time option for learning just makes life a whole lot easier.

Video Resources, PDF Worksheets, And Other Resources (The A to Z)
We really wanted to make this as painless as we could for you to be able to follow along with the program. The course is broken down into six(6) modules. The materials are structured in such a way as to build a skill within you so that you can go on to write as many books as you like using the system.

Vaughn Will Personally Help You Kickstart Your Writing
Vaughn loves coaching others to take steps in their lives to empower themselves. As you can imagine, he is super busy with the magazine, his podcast, his other passions and interests, and his family. And because Vaughn is committed to your success, he’ll personally do a 1 hour initial coaching with you to get your book dream started. Now that’s holding your hand to take those first steps.

Completely Novice Friendly. No Experience Necessary.
Don’t be afraid if you have never written a word before in your life. Don’t be afraid of your poor spelling and horrible grammar. Even if you seem to have writer’s block every time you look at the blank page, this program is so newbie friendly that you will be pleasantly surprised that it was so easy. You will be asking yourself why aren’t more people doing it.

Get Started Today For Just $4999