Bryan Berkeley
Bestselling Author
The Youth Leadership Empowerment System

Bryan Berkeley shares mature, thoughtful ideas to inspire teens and young adults to engage in the world in a positive way. He gives insights through personal experiences that any young person can relate to. He became determined in his own life, to be a leader among his peers; and so with planning, determination and hard work, that is exactly what he has done. In this manual on how to become a leader, Bryan sets important themes and illustrates them with stories from his own and others’ lives. The message is always positive and easy to follow. He shows us all how easy it is to shine in this world and lead others to do the same.

Jenny Berkeley, RN, CHN
Bestselling Author
The Holistic Health Nurse Book Series

Jenny Berkeley is a passionate medical professional with a desire to see patients take responsibility for their health and wellness destiny. Jenny is a nurse with over 25 years in the medical profession. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), a raw food chef, a best-selling kindle author, a health educator, creator of the Holistic Health Nurse book series, author of numerous articles on various aspects of holistic health and wellness, and the co-publisher of Canada’s premier holistic lifestyle magazine for the Vegan and Raw-Vegan community.

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Master Caleb Berkeley
The Moshe Monkey and Elias Froggy Book Series

Caleb is young author of the Moshe Monkey and Elias Froggy book series. His series was launched in 2012 and he has 4 books written in the series.

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Master Elisha Berkeley
The Mouzzie Mouse Book Series

Elisha is a young author who wrote his very first book in the Spring of 2016. His book was released by the end of 2016.

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Vaughn Berkeley, MBA
Bestselling Author

Bringing Your Heart Home, Fresh Food4Life

Vaughn Berkeley is a quiet guy with a passion for helping others. You won’t see him running into the spotlight as he is most comfortable working with his clients behind the scenes to help them get the job done. Vaughn’s latest book is on one of his passions: affordable housing. This book is a great read as it asks the reader to question everything they have been taught about housing.Earth homes are the future for those who want affordable homes, natural control, simplicity, and connection to the planet. Check out the book at Vaughn’s newest book, Break the Poverty Curse is launching in 2017.

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