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Are you an author? We mean someone who has actually written a book not just a blogger. If you’ve written a book, and you have a website about yourself, feel free to place our badge on your website or blog with the following conditions:

  • You MUST register your name, email and website below. (So our lawyers don’t send you a cease and takedown notice).
  • You are NOT allowed to modify the Badge in any way including resizing the image.
  • You MUST include a hyperlink back to our site as a thank you to us.
  • If you have multiple websites, you must register each of them that you use our badge on.
  • This badge is the property of CM Berkeley Media Group and MUST be removed from your immediate upon request if we find your site does not meet our policy.
  • This badge must NOT be used on sites which promote violence, hatred, racism, anarchy, or really bad negativity ( peaceful social disobedience sites with philosophies like Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr are excepted).
  • Author sites that promote positivity, lifting humans to a higher consciousness, and general goodness are encouraged.


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